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06 May 2009 @ 11:09 pm
This was a request done for aoiryuu. It's for her use only on her RP journals, so please no body else use it. D': Kthx. ♥

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19 March 2009 @ 06:37 am
Gonna show off some misc. graphics this morning, since I've been wanting to post them in here for awhile but keep forgetting. ^^ Nothing really special to be seen. Most of this is custom banners I've made for various journals and communities, but there are also some colorings and manips. I'm abusing my love of a certain crossover 'ship, but oh well. I worked damn hard on those manips. ♥

Most of these graphics aren't available for public use. I just like them.


5 banners
→ 1 legend of zelda
→ 1 stock art
→ 1 majin tantei nougami neuro
→ 1 kingdom hearts
→ 1 final fantasy viii

6 colorings/manipulations
→ 3 legend of zelda
→ 3 eternal sonata & legend of zelda crossover

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01 March 2009 @ 10:49 pm
Last icon post for the day, I swear! These are just some more fanart icons I made while I wasn't working on the other two sets. :\ There's so much Princess Zelda, omg... ^^;; Some of these icons are kinda old, which is why they suck, but I'm still pretty happy with them. Y-Yes, there's some shoujo-ai in here...

I should really icon other fandoms, huh? XDD;;

[68 ICONS]

68 Legend of Zelda
→ 40 Zelda
→ 14 Link & Zelda
→ 6 Midna & Zelda
→ 4 Link
→ 2 Link & Midna
→ 1 Raven
→ 1 Link, Midna & Zelda

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01 March 2009 @ 10:35 pm
I started making these for a roleplay plot that I still haven't been able to do where Zelda from Twilight Princess would be stuck in her puppet form. ^^;; Anyways, I spent a lot of time recoloring screencaps (which I got from the amazing, wonderful uscathena) before I could even begin making them into icons. This was such a painstaking process, but I'm really happy with the results. 8Db I made the whole set of 28 recolored screencaps for download below for anyone else who wants to have fun with these~

[70 ICONS]

70 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
→ 70 Puppet!Zelda


28 recolored Twilight Princess screencaps
23 Zelda
→ 5 Link & Zelda

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01 March 2009 @ 09:34 pm
I originally started making these icons for a roleplayer, but plans changed and she didn't need them anymore. So I decided to finish them up and share them anyway. I know Saria's eyes are blue in canon, but since I think she looks cuter with green eyes, I made variations of both. ^^ ... And then I just made the uncolored ones just because. 8Db

[185 ICONS]

185 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
→ 185 Saria

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07 January 2009 @ 12:02 am
[61 ICONS]

33 Legend of Zelda fanart
→ 13 Link & Zelda
→ 8 Link
→ 8 Dark Link & Zelda
→ 4 Zelda

16 Escaflowne fanart
→ 16 Hitomi

5 Tales of Symphonia fanart
→ 3 Kratos & Anna
→ 1 Genis & Sheena
→ 1 Sheena

3 Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
→ 3 Neuro & Yako

2 Celebrities
→ 2 Reon Kadena

1 Final Fantasy VII
→ 1 Shera

1 Final Fantasy VIII
→ 1 Seifer & Quistis

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04 January 2009 @ 06:15 am
Author's Note: This is the result of three days worth of persistent butterflies in my stomach. I started out just writing this just for myself, to relieve my own scattered thoughts, but I've dedicated to Umi (aoiryuu), since my sudden love for Frederic/Zelda wouldn't have come about without her. This was an attempt in which I hope I've picked up enough from roleplaying with Umi to make a passable attempt writing for Frederic. I would have written smut for her, as it seems that she really enjoys it, but everyone already knows I'm horrible at it. ^^;;; So this is what I ended up with instead. It's really not that good, but I hope you like it.

There are so ... many ... metaphors.... D8

Title: "First Bar, Key of E"
Author: startswithan_s (aka Jennifer Unruh)
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Type: Short story ("one-shot")
Prompt: Writing
Potential Challenge Table for 10_themes
Status: Complete

Fandom: Crossover between Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Eternal Sonata
Pairing: Frederic x Zelda
Start Date: 1/2/2009
Finish Date: 1/4/2009
Time to Complete: 5 - 7 hours
Word Count: 1,180
Published via fanfiction.net? No.
Songs Featured: None
Disclaimer: Legend of Zelda is copyright Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo, all rights reserved. Eternal Sonata is copyright Namco, all rights reserved. The authoress is in no way affiliated with the business of these companies nor the creation of Legend of Zelda or Eternal Sonata, nor any legal proceedings of the aforementioned. This story has been written purely out of enjoyment and is not intended to amass monetary profit. Any similarities between this work and that of any other author is purely coincidental. All historical innaccuracies are fault of the authoress, who makes no attempt to claim that the proceedings of history are anything like the work of fiction she has produced here.

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04 January 2009 @ 02:58 am
Welcome! 8D This is the icon/fanfiction/other stuff journal of Jen (triforce), so she can stop cluttering up her real journal. At the same time, this journal archives a lot of Jen's previous fanfiction/icon posts. All the entries prior to this one contain archived content, while all the entries after this one are recent content. It looks more daunting than it really is-- honest.

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24 December 2008 @ 01:30 am
This is a repost of colored art/manga originally found in my personal journal, triforce. The original entry can be viewed here.

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