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the wrists while restraining

you blushed and smiled

1 April
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▼ This is the icon & fanworks journal of jen, the foolish kniqht. It contains a vast collection of archived fanfiction, but the main attraction are the icons. They typically fall under the categories of video games and anime/manga, but deviate upon occasion. To watch for updates, please add this journal.

All icons and graphics are free for use as long as you give credit to either startswithan_s or kniqht. Please enjoy.


aeris/tifa, aerith gainsborough, aerith/leon, aerith/tifa, allen/eries, allen/marlene, allen/millerna, aqua, auron/rikku, axel, axel/kairi, birth by sleep, cecil/rosa, chain of memories, cissnei, cloud/tifa, dagger/zidane, dilandau, dilandau albatou, dilandau/celena, dilandau/hitomi, disney, dryden, dryden/millerna, eries, escaflowne, fanart, fanfiction, fanmix, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, final fantasy xiii, folken lacour de fanel, folken/eries, folken/hitomi, folken/millerna, full metal panic!, garnet/zidane, goofy, hayner/olette, hitomi kanzaki, icons, jack/sally, kain/rosa, kairi, kairi/riku, kairi/riku/sora, kairi/sora, kairi/sora/riku, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts ii, kingdom hearts:chain of memories, kratos aurion, kratos/anna, law & order: svu, legend of zelda, leon, leon/aerith, leon/yuffie, lightning, link, link/zelda, lloyd/colette, marlene, merle, mickey mouse, midna, millerna, namine/sora, nightmare before christmas, noein, ocarina of time, organization xiii, princess zelda, riku, riku/kairi, riku/sora, riku/sora/kairi, roxas, roxas/kairi, roxas/namine, roxas/olette, seifer almasy, seifer/quistis, seifer/rinoa, shoujo kakumei utena, sokai, sora, sora/kairi, sora/namine, sora/riku, sora/riku/kairi, squall leonheart, squall/aerith, squall/rinoa, tales of symphonia, tenkuu no escaflowne, terra, tidus/yuna, tifa/aeris, tifa/aerith, tseng/cissnei, twilight princess, van, van fanel, van/celena, van/hitomi, ven, ventus, vincent/yuffie, vision of escaflowne, yaoi, yuri, zack/aerith, zack/cissnei, zelda, zexion/kairi, zidane, zidane/dagger, zidane/garnet, ソラ ♥ カイリ